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MedTalent is a healthcare staffing firm that works with small privately owned practices to large health systems to find and hire the right candidates.

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Hiring Decisions Made Fast and Simple

All the candidate information you need to hire the right person.
We are able to do background checks, drug testing, reference checking and license verifications. This gives you the additional security of knowing the past history of a candidate helping you make the right hiring decision.
Domain Expertise
Our team has real depth in the healthcare space, ranging from former healthcare executives to board certified Emergency Medicine physicians. We understand the needs and sense of urgency when filling positions.
Audio Interviews
We record audio of our interviews and share the recording so you can hear how the candidate responds to situational and technical questions. Helping you decide if the candidate has the communication skills and qualifications for your position.
Behavioral Assessments
A bad hire can cost you 5x the employee’s salary. Our candidates take one of the most trusted behavioral index assessments, which is a science based tool, that will show you personality strengths and areas that might be of risk.

MedTalent takes the headache out of hiring

We work on finding you the right candidates, so you can work on taking care of patients.
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  • Quality
  • Care

Are high recruiting fees stopping you from hiring the best candidates?

Did you know that most staffing firms will charge you the same fees regardless of the size of your company or how many candidates you need to hire? They also charge you hefty fees for "marketing" which means they are posting your position on job boards and hope that candidates will apply. Unlike most recruiting companies, our recruiting model was founded by Medical Professionals, giving us extensive experience and a large network of candidates. Instead of spending your money on “marketing” we would prefer to pass our cost savings on to you.

Personalized pricing can be arrange based on number of positions, urgency, and your staffing budget.

Don't let high recruiting fees prevent you from hiring great people.

Services we offer at no extra cost

  • Audio Recorded Interviews
  • Drug Test
  • Behavioral Index Assessment
  • License Verification
  • Reference Checking
  • Background Check

We can also offer recruitment process outsouring (RPO) and Payrolling for Consultants

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